Escorts certainly go through things that we do not know, and we cannot comprehend because we lead normal lives. The life of an escort is certainly considered to be very troublesome and sometimes very problematic. We should learn how to treat them with respect and a lot of admiration because they do endure many things that we do not have to endure in our everyday lives. We should not treat them with disrespect because they are also human beings were just trying to make a living, and it is also really hard for them to have a normal life like we do. I went ahead and interviewed a couple of escorts, and I found out many things that were really surprised about their dating life.

When you are someone who dates for a couple of hours at a time and when you get paid $200-$300 you will find that it is really hard to find a normal date and have a normal dating life because your life is so different when compared to the lives of normal people. When you are an escort, you will come across people who are really weird and hippie-like, and you cannot exactly date these people can you because it would be weird. Imagine someone asked you out on a date and they find out that you are an escort imagine what their reaction would be. That is one of the main reasons why you cannot have a normal dating life when you are an escort. Ask yourself, would you date an escort? I once had a date who ran out of the restaurant as soon as he found out that I was an escort.

Some other people will pretend to be okay with it, and some others will completely dodge talking about it even if they know. Some people completely avoid talking about professions at all because they know I am an escort. It is really annoying. Sometimes it does get excruciating; there are so many moments of silence when you’re trying to find something to actually bond over and something that will not make it awkward and when you finally find something that breaks the ice there will always be something that ruins it because of the escorting profession.

All of the questions that you may have to ask the other person will be altered and manipulated if one of them is an escort. They will stay completely off the topic of sex and never want to talk about it.

This is what it is the date as an escort, it is really complicated, and I am sure that you will have to retire to have a normal life and get married and have kids.